With her expertise as a camerawoman and social worker, Sandra Merseburger combines media content with social work topics – in film documentaries, as a workshop leader or in everyday support for people with cognitive impairments.

Bildunterschrifft: Inklusive Führung im Dokumentationszentrum “Topographie des Terrors”,  Copyright David Permantier. 

Chapters of the Podcast

  • 00:00 – Introduction – inclusive dialectic
  • 02:47 – „Mich als angehende Sozialarbeiterin…“ – Implementation of social work models – 
  • 11:27 – „In der Herangehensweise…“ – the tandem tour – a participatory museum education format
  • 22:37 – „Der Wertewandel…“ – the development from the “welfare system” of the Nazi era to the participation-oriented support of social work today

The podcast was developed as an examination assignment on the history of social work as part of the Bachelor’s degree programme at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Berlin. It documents two days of an inclusive workshop on the topic of “Aktion T4”, in which the systematic extermination of life labelled “unworthy of life” by the National Socialists was tested for the first time.

Sandra Merseburger deals with the social workers’ approach to giving workshop. She examines how they approach the challenge of communicating historical facts to people with cognitive impairments in terms of inclusive educational work. It also addresses the question of how attitudes to working with this target group have changed since the Nazi era and as a result.