“A German journalist once asked me: a comic about Auschwitz – isn’t that terribly tasteless? My answer was no. I think Auschwitz was terribly tasteless.”
Art Spiegelman

The ability to convey complex topics through comics has steadily spread over time, and today even the Nazi extermination camps are no longer taboo. However, this was not always the case. In Germany, the comic “Maus,” which was published in 1989, brought about a small revolution in how we grappled with the Nazi crimes. Using comics to address the atrocities of the Holocaust was something entirely new at the time. “Maus,” written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman, tells the story of his father, a Holocaust survivor, and conveys the experiences of his parents in the concentration camps in a moving and compelling way. Most comics in this collection also narrate individual fates. However, the ways of presenting these stories have become more diverse after the release of “Maus.” We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Avant Verlag and the generous individuals who have made it possible for us to present these comics.