We would like to invite you on an audiovisual stroll through the streets of Tbilisi and beyond: to see it with our eyes, to hear it with our ears. To connect to this place intuitively through our sketches and field recordings which were taken without any prior contextualization and intent but simply as a technical necessity for our understanding of our surroundings. The Georgian remembrance culture presents itself as a junction of various narratives, complicated histories and twisted temporalities and so, our memories of this place are far from being one-sided and self-explanatory as well. 

With this kind of ‘motion comicbook’ we would like to intertwine the visual and the audial, to add another level of perception that doesn’t provide context but rather appeals directly to the senses. See it as a poetic expression rather then content source, an artistic work rather than field research. We have been there and this is how our memory of Georgia manifests itself. 

Hanna Launikovich, Bradley Williams Cohen and Paula Mittrowann met in Tbilisi in October 2023 in the “Bridges of Remembrance” progam.

In the picture you can see the way we showed the exhibit during the exhibition in Berlin. There is a wooden table and on it there is an MP3 player with an instruction how to switch it on on the white paper. There are pink headphones on the table too, so that you can hear the Georgian music from the player. There is a black-and-white hand-made paper comic with the name “A grape seed in warm soil”.