About the workshop

We work in a human rights organization. We help russian conscientious objectors and those soldiers who have left the front.  Make legal instructions, and lawyers provide direct free assistance.

Everyone should have information about the right to not to fight, and then they can defend this right. At the same time, the state does everything to make people feel powerless and atomised, to be afraid of any confrontation and to obey. How can we understand better those who are threatened by getting into the army, how can we talk better about the rights?

We have so many stories of objectors, studies of media narratives and personal strategies of obligated for service and have reached the dead end. We would like to share these knowledge and the place we’v stuck and together search for solutions.

The workshop will consist of presentations of our and the participants’ experiences and further discussions and practical work depending on the participants’ interests.

The language is Russian, but if there will be English-speaking participants, there will be DIY-translation.

We are waiting for:
* conscientious objectors or activists who have fought against the army, militarization.

* people who understand how to gain research knowledge from thousands of online conversations, all kind of social researchers.

* people who know how to tell stories: journalists, artists.

Please, tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in the topic and purpose of participation.