About the Workshop

This workshop is about the collaborative creation of images related to the theme of memory using a simple and effective printing technique. People who experience disabilities are the experts and will show the participants how it works and what they need to do. Using rollers, spatulas, paper, pens, scissors, cloths, sponges, linoleum printing inks, and a simple acrylic glass plate, memories are created by adding or removing color.

About the Workshop Facilitators

The art workshop are
Hilde Wittur, Lutz Marx, Wolfgang and Heidi Fassott, Veronika Patzuda, Maximillian Thieme, Tim Hartung, Herbert Mayer, Harald Krainer, Angelika Bartel,
David Permantier, Eva Zulauf, Gisa Schrammel

The Lebenshilfe art workshop is an open group of people with and without disabilities who meet weekly in the Berlinerische Galerie to make art together.  The group has been in existence since 1996 and has worked on various topics, but the focus has always been on creating a place for exchange.

Notes on Barriers and COVID

The space is very spacious and located on the ground floor. The door is wide and stepless. The toilet is not yet wheelchair accessible; we are working on providing an accessible toilet outside the door.

Please come with a COVID-19 test. You are welcome to wear a mask if you wish. We will provide tests and masks.

About Museum des Kapitalismus

The Museum of Capitalism is a place for political education in Berlin. We are a self-organised group of committed people who work on a voluntary basis, self-determined and funded by donations. We see ourselves as a place of learning and reflection: our aim is to raise awareness of the effects of capitalism on our society, our coexistence and our daily lives and to encourage life and to encourage people to think about alternative concepts of society.