About the Workshop

The Lecture Performance combines two different perspectives on life in Almanya (Turkish word for Germany). Berena Yogarajah achieved a milestone in the fight against social and institutional racism with her initiative Tatort Porz and is critically engaged with identity politics, solidarity and utopias.

Her perspective is to come together with the music of the band ROSA SHAKUR around the musician Vincent Bababoutilabo.

The Band plays riot pop from the vanishing ruins of Berlin. Three musicians combine industrial popular music  with stories of ordinary people’s struggle for a good life. Rosa Shakur creates a unique musical experience with drums, voice, samples as well as synthesizers, guitar and its own political and musical understanding in relation to the social and political challenges of the present.

This musical lecture performance will give an artistic insight in the process and outcomes of Berenas and Vincent’s experiences in many different political initiatives like the Academy of Migrant Organizing, the NSU Tribunal or the Initiative blank people in Germany.