About the Workshop

Käte Rogalli lived during National Socialism and spoke of herself as a “transvestite”. She identified as a women and since the establishment of the Nazi state, she was subjected to increased discrimination and violence from the public, the Gestapo, the Nazi legal system and medical personnel.

This workshop is aimed exclusively at TIN* people. We will look at Käte’s biography and critically interpret historical sources. We will use those to ask ourselves questions about Käte’s gender identity. Through an empowering creative process, we will then transform the sources into collages.

About the Workshop Provider

Kai* Brust is a historian and works, among other things, in our project “Cultures of Remembrance” on queer memory culture in the context of the history of National Socialism. Kai* is project management and curation for “Remembering Käte” and “Letters to Berlin.”

Notes on Barriers and COVID

Please come tested for COVID-19 and feel free to wear a mask. We will provide bot, masks and tests. Please also know, that the shown contents might consist heavy text and pictures, including naked and death people, starvation, abuse and triggering sounds. 

The space is on ground floor, the entrance is barrier free, we are working on also having a barrier free toilet. 

Most of the exhibited content will be in written or spoken English, German or Russian. The event can be translated in German.

Please come tested for COVID-19. Feel free to wear a mask if you wish. We will provide tests and masks.

About Museum des Kapitalismus

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