About the workshop

Any war is a disaster, it is a trauma in the space of memory. This is an experience that is difficult to live through and comprehend, it affects entire generations, our ideas about security, justice, and the permission to  use violence. The memory of wars is a space where the state occupies a lot of space, storing the narratives that support it. To understand the influence of state narratives, it is important to look at history personally, at the grassroots level.

We will try to find a connection between our current political positions and our memory of past wars. Together we will try to collect a collective memory map of the wars of the past, consisting of personal experience, family stories, memes, associations, fragments of state narratives.

Notes on barriers and COVID

The room is very large and is located on the ground floor. The door is wide and step-free. The toilet is not yet barrier-free, we are trying to provide a barrier-free toilet. Please contact us with your needs.

Please come tested for COVID-19 and wear a mask if you wish. We will provide tests and masks.

About Museum des Kapitalismus

The Museum of Capitalism is a place for political education in Berlin. We are a self-organised group of committed people who work on a voluntary basis, self-determined and funded by donations. We see ourselves as a place of learning and reflection: our aim is to raise awareness of the effects of capitalism on our society, our coexistence and our daily lives and to encourage life and to encourage people to think about alternative concepts of society.