Bridges of Remembrance: study trip open call

Deadline for applications:
3rd of August 2023


This is an open call for applications for participants for the educational project “Bridges of Remembrance,” specifically for the upcoming study trip to Georgia from October 9th to October 15th, 2023, framed by some online preparatory and follow-up meetings. The open call is open for people from every nationality but we will take special account of people from Georgia, Russia and Ukraine.

The general goal of the project is to critically examine how World War II, National Socialism, and the fight against it are remembered in different regions and different groups. Due to the current war in Ukraine, we are also investigating connections between the current war and historical events in the context of World War II. The project engages in conversations while traveling and learning about Georgia’s history, especially the history of the 20th century, focusing on what we can learn from history and its relevance to our lives today and today’s political developments.

During the trip, we will explore the memorial cultures of marginalized groups and experiment with different methods of commemorative work. The emphasis will be on mutual learning, group dynamics, understanding and mutual assistance, and consideration for one another. It is important to note that this project stands firmly against nationalism and promotes dialogue. Please keep this in mind when applying.

The project will be conducted in English, so basic English language skills are necessary.

This project is open to all individuals who are interested in the topic, regardless of age or perspective.

In your application, please provide a brief introduction of yourself, including your background and your interests in the topics and the travel. Additionally, kindly inform us about your departure location.

We try to keep the costs as low as possible for all participants. On the trip, we will cover the costs for shared accommodation, meals, and travel expenses.

We will begin our journey with a small tour starting in Tbilisi and ending in Tbilisi at the end of the week. The detailed itinerary will be provided at a later stage.

We are aware that in a time when russia is at war against Ukraine, it requires special conditions to bring such a group together. A clear stance against the Russian regime and the will to listen is a fundamental requirement for participating in this project. We will dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to group processes and healing, and if necessary, we will modify the program content to accommodate the needs of this particular situation. The program will be accompanied by individuals who are specifically trained to facilitate relevant discussions and monitor group dynamics. We expect all participants to show mutual consideration, and together we will discuss what each individual requires in order to engage in discussions about war or refrain from doing so. We also aim to create a space for participants to express oppression-critical perspectives and foster a discrimination-sensitive environment. We encourage the exploration of intersectional viewpoints and experiences, and we strive to ensure that the project promotes inclusivity and addresses power dynamics. It is important for us to create a safe and respectful space where everyone’s voices are heard and valued. When choosing participants with russian citizenship, we will prioritize BIPoC persons and those who also suffer from russian colonialism.

Please submit your application until August 3rd. If you have any inquiries, please email us at 

About Cultures of Remembrance

Сultures of Remembrance is a project that aims to critically examine how World War II, National Socialism and the fight against it is remembered in different regions and develop alternative concepts for commemoration work with young people. We organized three educational trips and published a multimedia website that deals with the different narratives and questions around the topic of remembering the Second World War in Europe.

Educat e.V. is a collective of education workers from Dresden and Berlin, who do diversity-conscious and critical education. Our partner in Georgia is the Tbilisi School, a self-organized library about Georgia.