Cultures of Remembrance is back / Request for Experts for these Themes

Hello dear all,

We are happy to announce that our project “Cultures of Remembrance” will continue in 2023. Under the motto “Bridges of Remembrance” we will organize online workshops, an exhibition and a meeting in Georgia. In the next few days we will publish Open Calls for exhibition contributions and the travel. But before that, we need your help in finding speakers for the online workshops. Please write to us (best until end of April) if you have any tips on the following topics:

  • Remembrance of the victims of the Porajmos
  • Remembrance of people with disabilities
  • Jewish remembrance culture
  • Queer remembrance culture

In this project we want to talk to people and not about people, therefore we are looking for self-organisations of the respective marginalised groups as experts.

The project language is English. We will nevertheless provide interpretation into Georgian, Russian and Ukraine if needed (since the project is aimed especially at participants from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Russia and Germany).

We have a new email address:

kind regards

About Cultures of Remembrance

Сultures of Remembrance is a project that aims to critically examine how World War II, National Socialism and the fight against it is remembered in different regions and develop alternative concepts for commemoration work with young people. We organized three educational trips and published a multimedia website that deals with the different narratives and questions around the topic of remembering the Second World War in Europe.